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Inhouse Offers Prestigious and Economical Stands

INHOUSE Design is a department of Hannover Messe International Istanbul and founded to meet your demands on stand design and assist you in both national and international exhibitions. With its staff of high experience, INHOUSE design makes every customer feel unique and aims to help every participant who needs stand designs or is too busy to seek assistance during the preparation periods of every exhibition. Our main goal is to form high quality designs with affordable pricing, easy-to-apply structures, unique styles meeting every need to its fullest.  We help our participants to make a showcase of their services with our unique stand designs and provide them with a full customer service.


Our services as INHOUSE Design;

  • Modular stand design and application
  • Maxima stand design and application
  • Custom made stand design and application
  • Product design
  • Architectural applications

In short, INHOUSE provides anything and everything about design.

INHOUSE Design offers you the best service possible.

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