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Post Show Press Release (22.04.2019)

With teskon+SODEX, HVAC&R Industry Blew from Izmir This Time!

With teskon+SODEX, HVAC&R Industry Blew from Izmir This Time!

One of the fastest growing industries in Turkey’s economy, HVAC&R sector exhibited its power at the teskon+SODEX Exhibition, organized by Deutsche Messe’s subsidiary; Hannover Messe Sodeks Fuarcılık on
17 - 20 April, 2019. Around 100 exhibitors who had participated to the event had opportunity to build new partnerships with local and international visitors. The exhibition which has been visited by 6711 industry professionals, also hosted the 14th National Installation Engineering Congress. Organized concurrently with the teskon+SODEX Exhibition, the TESKON Congress brought engineers, scientists, industrialist and other disciplines involved in the field of installation engineering together, providing them the opportunity to exchange their knowledge.

20th April 2019, Istanbul - Gathering together both national and international HVAC&R industry in the Aegean Region and being the most important platform of the industry, teskon+SODEX Exhibition took place at Izmir Tepekule Congress and Exhibition Center. During the exhibition organized by Hannover Messe Sodeks Fuarcılık with the support of TMMOB, Chamber of Mechanical Engineering, visitors found the opportunity to discover all sorts of innovations in different fields of the sector such as heating, cooling, ventilation, insulation, pumps and valves.

Emphasizing how the teskon+SODEX Exhibition received great interest, Toros Utku, Sodex Fairs Director of Hannover Messe Sodeks Fuarcılık A.Ş., stated: “Aegean Region hosts cities such as Izmir, Manisa, Denizli and Aydın, all of which contribute a great deal to Turkey’s economy.  Among the annual export volume of these four cities up to 18 billion dollars, 1 billion dollars accounts for the volume of HVAC&R industry. With its leveraging effect on neighboring cities, this sector has a special place both in the region and in the development of Turkey's economy. With the teskon+Sodex Exhibition and the TESKON Congress, we hosted a productive organization, which benefits Izmir and can demonstrate the potential of the Aegean Region.  Our participants utilized the whole duration of the exhibition to their utmost advantage and made substantial deals. Creating promising business connections and new export-import opportunities, the teskon+SODEX Exhibition, together with the TESKON Congress, definitely made a mark as the most important organization of the industry in Turkey after ISK - SODEX.”

Vision of HVAC&R and Installation Engineering was Determined

teskon+SODEX Exhibition also hosted the 14th National Installation Engineering Congress (TESKON), held by the TMMOB, Chamber of Mechanical Engineering. Carried out under the leadership of the Izmir Branch on behalf of the TMMOB Chamber of Mechanical Engineering, many prestigious academicians, architects, engineers, project companies’ officers and sector professionals came together under the teskon+SODEX roof, and shared important knowledge and experience. Presenting theoretical and applicable scientific and technological developments in installation engineering and other disciplines, the Congress consisted of 7 symposiums, 9 seminars, 15 courses, 1 panel and 1 forum in 9 halls for 4 days.  With “Facts and Future of Mechanical Installation” as its main theme, the current state and future of HVAC&R and installation engineering were the focus in terms of academic and scientific studies and latest technology. The next stop for HVAC&R industry will be the ISK - SODEX Exhibition - #1 organization of HVAC&R industry and the most important organization of Eurasia - which will be held between 2 - 5 October at Beylikdüzü TUYAP, Istanbul. For details www.sodex.com.tr